"Simplicity is the key."

Ritchie Blackmore  
New logo and website design

As you may notice, we have recently created a new logo and have changed our website design. This is the third version of the Alef Brain website and logo since our founding in 2001. The complete work was done by our designer Zeljko Malisic.

In the header of the site you can see a two-dimensional version of the logo, while on the right side you will see one of the 3D versions. In time, you will be able to see different versions of our current logo.

We have changed our website design in order to present information to our visitors in a simpler way and to enable adding new content in an easier fashion. We have also changed the complete code lying in the background of the website in order to serve the user with greater speed.

Miljan Vranic
Ubuntu - Linux for human beings

After several months of testing, Alef Brain has officially started using Ubuntu Linux. Several distributions of Linux were competitive options, but Ubuntu won convincingly because it is easily installed, is very stable, easy to use, fast and safeā€¦

We are forever leaving behind every-day problems with computer blocking, restarting, viruses, patches and patches for patches. Thanks to Ubuntu Linux, our working hours are used more efficiently. Ubuntu finally allows us to commit to our work without losing time on various nonsense that we had to solve while working in Windows.

Not to forget: Ubuntu Linux is a totally free operating system! After installing it, you will receive a free OpenOffice.org with which you can begin working immediately without any additional training, provided that you are already familiar with Microsoft Office programs. There are also many other useful programs installed with the operating system: GIMP Image Editor, Firefox web browser, Gaim Internet Messenger, Skype, Totem Movie Player...

For more information and to download, please visit www.ubuntu.com.

Miljan Vranic




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