Team Motivation

The problem of motivation of the people is always present. Sometimes we solve it with money, and sometimes with words, but all the time we need to take care to keep the people motivated. It is easier when we are all sitting in the same room, even though that could be tricky as well. In today's teams very often we have the situations when people are not sitting in the same office, or city, or country, or even a continent. AlefBrain comes with the solution for continuous motivation regardless of the size or geographical spread of the team.

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. That was our motivation for making a tool that can continuously measure the engagement of every single team member. Once we have numbers, our motivation task becomes easy. Here is the short overview of our system.

First, we need to define the basic unit of work called a task. The golden rule for a task is that it describes the only single thing we want to be accomplished. During the creation of the task, the manager has to take care to always split more things into more tasks. That is the most important rule.

Second, we need to define three roles required for our system to work:

  1. Manager - a person who dispatches the task
  2. Worker - a person who is working on the task
  3. Approver - a person who is confirming if the Task is accomplished

Third, we are defining measurement unit called Points. When Manager is creating the Task, he is assigning to it the number of Points as a measure of the importance or value of the task.

Workflow of the task looks as follows:

  1. Manager creates a task.
  2. Manager assigns points to the task.
  3. Manager assigns the task to the worker.
  4. Worker performs what is needed to accomplish the task.
  5. Worker delivers the task to the approver.
  6. Approver ensures if the required work is done. If he is satisfied he marks the task as finished, if he is not satisfied he is returning the task to the worker with the explanation what needs to be done.
  7. Once the task is marked as accomplished, his value points are assigned to the worker who did the job.

With the described process, we can always have an overview of points earned by each worker, which becomes the measure of the success of every worker and the entire team and the project. From the other hand, we can assign real value to those points. We can define that points are directly exchangeable for the money, or for the days off, or as a basis for future promotions, or for whatever you have in mind as a good motivator for your team members.

Once you start using AlefBrain software for project management, you can immediately see the positive changes in your entire organization. Usage of points moves your focus to the results. You can introduce work from home, flexible working hours, and flexible holidays leave, and many more perks for your employees, because you can finally stop measuring time spent in the workplace and focus to real value you are getting from your teams.

Start your free 30-day trial now, and check by yourself if what we are saying is true. We are not asking for a credit card, so there is no risk of losing money if you give it a try.

"We work accross 3 continents, 4 countries and 7 cities, time zones are different, email trails are nightmares. AlefBrain ordered the chaos we had."
Chris Pullen, Forward Tech
"We have so much more time to get on with our own work, as we no longer have to keep 'checking in' and are in touch where ever we are in the world."
Ruben Gonzales, K2 Architecture
"Our home office people are much better integrated now"
Mark Hackett, Health Database
"We gained control and could work with more projects without getting more stressed out!"
David Holt, Papered Graphics