Knowledge Management

Knowledge is power. Proper management of it gives you a significant advantage in resolving issues on the road to success. Personal and collective knowledge improvement requires careful structuring and maintenance. AlefBrain comes with the simple but powerful tool in which you can keep tabs on ideas, notes, and significant information.

In the last decade or two, we grew tremendously dependent on Google whenever we need some information. Often we cannot find that critical data we saw on Google few days or months ago. We stopped remembering things, and we don't remind ourselves of the facts anymore, we just hand this job to the search engines without thinking about it. That is how things are for many people and companies today.

Successful people, teams, and companies are different because they take care of their knowledge every single day. If you want to be one of them, you have to work on your memory. You need to write facts down, to read them, organize, and remind yourself every day. AlefBrain gives you the tool that will make this job easy and joyful.

Start your free 30-day trial now and see for yourself if what we are saying is true. We are not asking for a credit card, so there is no risk of losing money if you give it a try.

"As the business owner, I feel more connected and aware of what is going on in the office when I’m away. It’s easy to see what needs to be done with deadlines and who is responsible for the task."
Valentina Borman, Borman Law Offices
"Simply put, we get more work done, quicker, and better. Productivity is up. Errors are down. Clients are happier."
Brandon Johnson, Brainstorm communications
"We have so much more time to get on with our own work, as we no longer have to keep 'checking in' and are in touch where ever we are in the world."
Ruben Gonzales, K2 Architecture
"We work accross 3 continents, 4 countries and 7 cities, time zones are different, email trails are nightmares. AlefBrain ordered the chaos we had."
Chris Pullen, Forward Tech