"Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it."

Alan Perlis  

Alef Brain was founded in January 2001 in Kragujevac, Serbia. We had initially worked as a software outsourcing company serving clients from different parts of the world for several years. That was a period of gaining work experience on many smaller and larger projects – support to online marketing campaigns, e-commerce, real estate, community portals, information management...

After maturing in terms of organization and human potential, we started with the next phase of development, which today involves all our resources – creating, maintaining and sales of our own software products and services. The list of our satisfied clients continues to grow as a result of the full commitment of all members of the Alef Brain team.

People often ask us about the meaning of the name “Alef Brain”, actually what the word “alef” in our name means? Alef is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which is used in mathematics for marking infinity. The mathematical answer to the question – How many natural numbers are there? – is Alef Zero, while the answer to the question – How many real numbers are there? – is Alef One. Therefore, Alef may be interpreted as infinity, if seen from a mathematical point of view, but also as an ordinal number if viewed as the first letter of the alphabet.




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