"My philosophy? Simplicity plus variety."

Hank Stram  
Extreme programming

Working on projects for different clients, each with their own approaches in defining requests, lead us from one software development method to another. While one method proved excellent in one case, it proved unusable in another. Things continued in this way until we got to know extreme programming - XP.

Extreme programming brings a completely different approach in communicating with clients, performing tasks, testing, refactoring and all the other phases of software development. Our experience with XP related only to applying several rules of extreme programming, adjusted to our needs, but it was enough to feel a significant difference in the quality of work we do. For us, the greatest value of XP has been its ability to foster intense communication with clients, leading to markedly improved delivery times for usable software, along with the reduction of errors to a minimum.

XP allowed us to finally involve our clients in the process of software development, thereby avoiding any confusion about whether we correctly understood what the client meant. We are no longer wasting time on guessing whether we have correctly understood requests, while clients don’t have to wait for weeks to see the results of work. Things are now flowing at a brisk pace and reliably, which has resulted in a high level of satisfaction for our business partners.

If you wish to learn more about XP, please visit ExtremeProgramming.org where the XP approach to software engineering is explained in detail.

Miljan Vranic




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